fun with cubes

Just created this as i was on an Escher trip :smiley:
Would like to see other 3d renders like that… :wink:


Dude! O_O …

I just love it


cool, looks like space invaders (is it supposed to be like that?) you shuld make a game or animation with them!

Actually it’s suppost to blow your mind minding the insane triangles :wink:


This is a composition effect right? Can you show the 3D setup of this scene?

Dude thats crazy! :smiley:

Wow…mind-bending. I like it!



That’s genius… at least it is extreme clever just like they do in real when faking the weird triangle. Do you think one can use this setup in an animation too? I’m thinking about setting up the waterfall image in blender and animating it but I’m still thinking about how to go about it.

Yeah thought about that too but haven’t found a solution to work around that the water needs to flow in 3d as blender is a 3d prog ;)…
When you could beam a stream of water so that it flows until a definit point and then enters a “wormhole” and comes out at a different place so the flow would look flawless.
Another solution would be to have more than one watersource but then the flow wouldn’t look flawless and thus the illusion would be destroyed.
But i won’t give up on finding a solution…

edit:When you want i could post the blend