"Fun with Fire" short VFX shot

Hello, this is a short VFX video I made with the smoke sim. I know that there are a lot of things that could have been better, but I just had so much trouble with rendering and other things, so I’m leaving it at this. If you like it at all, be sure to subscribe, I’m getting a new camera that should arrive in about a week and will be doing some fun motion tracking stuff with Minecraft characters! Thanks for watching, and all c&c is welcome!

That looks really good! I think the fireball could fit more closely in his hand, but the material and simulation were impressive. Keep it up.

Thanks. I suppose I should give credit to the guys who’s tutorials I used to make this, so thank you MiikaHweb and BlenderGuru!

I liked it. I especially liked the “oops” at the end. I suspect that water does not actually put out magical fire, but it would stop further damage to the floor.

I also liked the fluid deformation of the flame when it is being bounced up and down just after being formed.

As for “closer contact to the hand”, I’m not so sure. A certain distance seems prudent. A consistent distance to the hand, however, would make it more “realistic”. I.e. When the flameball is caught it should slow down just before gaining “contact” at a fixed distance. In fact you did this in the first few seconds, but when the actor stands up the distance becomes less consistent.

Yeah, I kept a small distance because it was supposed to be magically floating. As for the second part not being as consistent as the first part, it was caused by the render not lining up properly with the footage in the editor. I think this was caused by a bug with the smoke sim where it doesn’t seem to render right if the smoke domain is rotated. I was able to fix most of it by rotating the camera around the smoke domain’s center, but it was still off a bit.
I’m glad that everyone seems to like it, thank you guys so much for the encouragement! I hope my camera comes in before friday, so I can mess around with it camera tracking on my long weekend.

A bit of light interaction on your face for the close up would really sell the effect too. Great demo.

Yeah, that was just my laziness, haha. Glad you liked it!

Good work! I agree with 3pointEdit. Just adding that little bit of glow to your body/environment as the ball moves around will add the needed panache to really sell this effect.

Keep it up!

Thanks, I’ll make sure I do that next time I do a similar effect!

Really nice work!

The fireballs movements are looking quite good. Well, the scene where you throw it upwards to change hands (0:17-0:21) it moves down a little too fast. Also some nice sounds would be nice for the fireball. Sounds of a moving candle could fit (that flickering sound it has when its about to die from the air stream). Nonetheless, very nice video!

Yeah, the reason the speed is off is because I didn’t actually have anything in my hands, so when I was acting it out I just had to guess on how long it would take the ball to come back down. I will definitely make sure to add more sound effects in my next video. Thanks for the encouragement, glad you liked it.
Also, my camera is arriving on monday, so I’ll be posting some more stuff very soon!

What is that picture subliminaly appearing at 20 seconds ??! (hitfilm.com ??)

Oh, haha, I didn’t notice that. It’s because I was using the demo version of Hitfilm, so I could only export 30 seconds at a time with the hitfilm logo appearing at the end. Since it was longer than 30 seconds I just exported it in two sections and put them together, so I must have just missed a frame or so of the logo at the end of the first part.