Fun with Hair

Or maybe not:mad:

I am toying with the fur library but alas I am unable to perform certain “basic” operation and was hoping someone could help me.

In a nutshell I am trying to create hair for my models but I am unable to control the particles via forcefields. I have watched the video tutorial but it does not work for me…

Is there an easier way or more tutorials I can follow?

Additionally is there a way of assigning more than 1 particle system to a mesh i.e. If I have a model which requires hair on his head and a trimmeed beard how do I do it.

I have included a render of the hair types I am interested in.

Please help…



Think this should solve alll your problems/questions.

Happy Blending :smiley:

You create vertex groups in the F9 editing menus of the object you wish to create hairs for.

Go into edit mode and select the regions of vertices which you want the hairs to emit from and create a vertex group (it should be on the left panel of the F9 editing menu).

Once you’ve created a vertex group, give it a name and with the region of vertices you’ve selected just then, click on “assign” to assign those vertices to the vertex group.

Now when you create hairs for you character, you just need to put the name of the vertex group in the F7 menu for particles. If you did everything correct, the hair strands should only emit from the vertex group while the other regions of your character’s face has no hairs.

Good luck

Wolf, you made my day! I was going crazy trying to figure out how to make hair emit from only selected areas, not the whole mesh. I was afraid I’d have to make a second “copy” of my model, parent it, and…well, you get the idea. Klutzy.

Problem? What about the vertex group assignments for animation/bones? Will I have trouble if I want to animate the character, or will Blender retain the “hairy” groups as well as the bone-influence groups without a problem? (Wrong forum, yes, but it’s closely related.)

If the name of your Vertex Group is not EXACTLY the same as the name of a Bone then the Bone won’t recognize it and won’t deform it. So, if the head bone’s name is “Cabeza” and you have two VG’s; “Cabeza” and “cabeza”, only the first will be deformed by the head bone.


Yes, what Fligh has said.

The important bit is when parenting your 3d model to the bones.

It would be wise in this case to parent the model to the bones using named vertex group. There will be a lot of vertex assigning later, so you’ve been warned Eku.

This parenting part is dangerous because if you parent the model to the bones using creat from closest bones then all vertices which are close to the bone will be influenced regardless of any vertex group it belongs to.


Beyond this - this function will create NEW vertex groups and will arbitrarily assign all nearby vertecies to these groups!

Here’s how I do Armature Prototyping!!

Create your armature in place with respect to your mesh (Don’t parent yet!)

Add an Armature modifier to the mesh - set it to vertex groups.

Now select vertexes and assign to groups manually, testing the bones movements as you go. (Remember in pose mode: AKey to select all then AltR to clear all rotation - very usefull!)

Once you’re happy the bones move the mesh the way you want it to, remove the modifier and parent the mesh to the armature and select “Don’t create groups” ('Cause you’ve created them already)


Oh and using hair in animations: DO NOT use the “Even” function int the particles controls. It evenly assigns particles according to face sizes, but as the model animates, faces change their sizes and you get a wierd electric flickering on the hair as Blender recalculated distribution per frame.

:eek: Jeez, you’re scarin’ me!

I’ll be using the tutorial method from the wiki, I think its rigging Ludwig, to make sure I get the whole weight-painting thing right the first time.

Ammusionist-Thanks for the tip. Yeah, I followed that thread with Bugman’s chicken problem. Its going to be an adventure, that’s for sure.:smiley:

Edit: here’s the tutorial I’m using. This is the best overall tutorial I’ve ever seen for creating a rigged character from scratch. (no hair…darn.)

I read that sketchy suggested actually making an entire duplicated mesh to act as the hair generator, parented to the rig like the main mesh…but sheesh, that seems like a lot of extra verts to handle. Anyway, I’ll keep posting in my Focused Critique as I go. I’ve decided to rig after I texture, so it’ll be a while yet before I tackle this issue.