fun with painter

Here’s something I made for a recent CGTalk daily sketch group session

It turned out more like a painting and less like a sketch, which is okay because that happens frequently in that group :wink: He’s walking down a hill here.

All were made in Corel Painter 8, tweaked in Photoshop Elements 2, using a Wacom Graphire3. This took about 1.5 hours. Actual image is about twice the size of this one.

Actual theme was “stories and legends from your country.” This was the third one I did. Other two were Rip Van Winkle …in space… lol… and Sleepy Hollow, which are way more sketchy.

Maybe a slight Renoir meets Seurat thing going on in Appleseed…

Well it was fun anyway :slight_smile:
a good break from my f1 model :wink:


Wow! So are you telling me this was all made on your PC? You must have a right arm of iron…

Thanks xarton :slight_smile: Hehe… this one took some energy for sure.

I’m also taking advantage of the fact I’ll soon be replacing my quickly aging Wacom tablet with an Intuos3 tablet.

Here’s an alternate version, some minor tweaks…


This is great art! (there’s no stopping you :P)

It looks like he’s holding gray bananas… hehe. :stuck_out_tongue: Great style though.

very nice,i like the style,looks like a real painting.
but i like more Sleepy Hollow,very well done.