Fun with physics

the simpel joy of fallig down
not more not less

wow pretty cool im diggin’ the camera angles and slo mo. i think i did something like this, whch took forever to simulate, so i know this must have been ENDELESS for you.

Superhot. I’m lovin it.:yes:

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
samone in hollywood sayed dont work with children and animals… I think he forgot the simulation
but it wasend that hard cause I don’t hase any expetations how they hase to fall
if it takt to long to get critical I cut it sat a Camera most static and see what happend

and after a wihl I sat the song in the bakground and it fit so well I always hase to give the Cowboy bebop OST a tribute (Brilliant OST Brilliant Anime (I am not the Anime fan))

Really nice.

Thanks Danilius