Fun with split/wipe/crossfade/wipeout sequence plugins

So there are a couple of things that I’m trying to do.

  1. a shot with scene A on left side and scene B on the right side. Sounds like a simple job for split.dll, right? Ah, but the catch is that I want a mix of A & B between the two. The effect I’m looking for looks like the middle of a wipe, but of course if I use that then I lose scene B at the beginning of the wipe, and scene A at the end (or vice versa). splitb looks like it ought to be the answer, but I haven’t figured out how the modes work and and mixed areas look like they’ve been ghastly posterized. I thought I could achieve the effect with wipeout and use a static image (black->white gradient or transparent->white TGA file) as the mask, but I seem to run into even worse posterization problems with that approach.

  2. Similar idea - take two shots and mix them together, like a crossfade, but have a fixed (e.g. 50/50%) mix throughout the shot, rather than fading between the two.

Apologies for the wordiness. Any suggestions?


So I think paprmh’s YASP will solve the second case. I’ll have to play with that this weekend.

If all else fails for the first case, I’m going to try and cut & paste 10x scenes together and do a wipe between them - that way join between the two scenes should only move across a tenth of the screen for the actual shot I need, which might be sufficient. Inelegant, but gets the job done…