Fun With The Molecular Addon

I’ve been playing around with physics simulations in my free time, and lately I started testing things out with Molecular, one of my new favorite things. Inter-particle interactions were always something I wished I could get particles to do, and I tried many things before I just decided it wasn’t possible. Then Molecular came along, and I was happy… :stuck_out_tongue:

This short video is basically the end result of something I tried to do way back in my college days, but was simply beyond my reach and skill set at the time.

Here’s another little test with a force field.

The addon’s only limitation (that I’ve noticed) is that it’s really effective, but only with spherically-shaped particles. If you tried to throw in a pyramid or something more complex, they’d all just keep passing through each other unless you set the spherical particle size to encompass the whole thing. In other words, there is no ‘convex hull’ setting or equivalent. Which is all well and good, it’s just a limitation of the program that would be cool to get around.

Again, I love this addon and am so glad it exists because this sort of thing was impossible for me for years, but it kept eating away at my creative thought…lol It’s good to finally get it out there.