Function curve for boned arm?

I followed along with the blenderchar arm setup tutorial, got a pretty nice workable IK arm. Now I want to play around animating it. I have figured out how to add keyframes, but I have a few questions.

I add keyframes by pressing IKEY and then I select LocRot, is that the option to select? It seems to work so far.

Now how do I get to look at a function curve for the joints and bones involved, in order to refine any animation I create?

Thanks in advance


Be sure that when you add a keyframe with the I key and select LocRot that you have the bones you moved selected (or have auto keyframe enabled in the options menu). To get the function curve, or IPO curve, select the bone and bring up the IPO editor. Then select “Action” in the IPO selection type to get the control curves for that bone’s movement. They will dissapear if you convert this action to a Non-Linear Action strip.



Thanks for your reply.