Functions not working?

First, when i’m working with Armatures, it refuses to let me change the sizes of bones. I can drag them on the z axis, but I can’t widen them up or thin them down any.
Usualy was doing Alt-S to scale them, but this doesn’t seem to do anything anymore. Is this a bug in 5.9 or maybe they changed the comand?

In Pose Mode, select the bone you want to reshape. In the Object Properties window, select the Bone tab and look for the Transform section. You can change the scale on any axis in there.

Tried that and it just did nothing, stayed same shape. :frowning: I’ll try re-installing blender, I might gotten some file corupted somehow.

Ah, for what needed do the comand ws Ctrl-Alt-S I was missin part of the comand…