Fund Raz

Okay I am entering a Logo job challenge type deal. its for 175$

There isnt really much to say…

FundRāz is dedicated to providing youth sports organizations and other youth organizations (clubs, bands, etc) with a creative, effective, and easy way to raise money for their operating needs. We focus on providing technology that allows teams to promote and manage their fund raising efforts easily and efficiently.
thats what the company is about…

I want to add a sun with light beams…But i dont know how…

Also i think i should come up with a catchy phrase


Is it a competition?

No offense, but it’s not good at all… It’s way too basic. When making logos it needs to be cool, and fun. Here’s an image of my logo(my site is under construction)


All Right! Thats it! Im gunna go kill my self now…Just kidding! Yeah i know i wasnt really feeling it to…I might steel some ideas off your image? if thats cool

No… don’t steal anything!

It’s for my business…

Okay! Well i just the ball idea…but i can make anything coo out of it…


Speaking of spheres…I FOR GOT ABOUT META BALLS!..

Meta balls suck man. lol. You can’t texture 'em…

Think of a totally original idea.

Once again is this a competition?

Anyway, most companies wouldn’t like you posting their logo prior to completion online. They could withdraw their offer (believe me, it CAN happen, lol… I would know)

here ill just give you the link hard to explain

most people are using 2d programs…But i have no drawing/painting skills…

What do you think i should add to make it more Youth friendly?

I’d draw it out first on paper (make sure that it can be printed in black and white since its a logo)
and then I’d just put that in 3d space (or draw it again in the gimp or illustrator or something)

hey, this sounds interesting… can anyone else enter? :smiley:

Yeah it open to everyone in the world…Just sign up at the link i posted at
You can even ask people to make logos.But you needa pay them

I think im done working on this…I really suck at making logos. So im just going to leave an image i made…