Funding stopped

(DAK) #1

Why has blender’s funding stopped? We get to almost 90,000 and suddenly no one donates and nothing has changed in a long time now :frowning:

(Ecks) #2

I think it is becuse they stop to uodate to money meter…I hope you mean 90000 in the paid section and not total because for me the total is at 103 000…but dont worry they are person that continu to give money!!

(UglyMike) #3

Don’t sweat it. I just got my PayPal account just last friday and I tried to donate in the very first week. I guess a lot of people will be in the same boat… (yeah,yeah, still have to pay… will do so this week. )Hmmmm,maybe I will be the one to put Blender over the 100K. That would be nice…

(ton) #4


Weekends always slow down, and then it picks up again! :slight_smile:
The ‘paid’ total is a different curve to watch, because that depends on what actually comes in. Sometimes it comes in with batches, like bank payments.