Funeral scene/ Ancient Robots

so i made this for this monthly cg booster contest. but at the end i still feel it needs something and is a little flat. I would like to hear feed back on how to improve it.

I was excited that for ‘ancient robots,’ the main robot in the center was one i think could theoretically exist when Da Vinci was alive as he designed a similar knight that ran on pulleys and a crank. The machine to the right is a large music box. Music boxes also were invented a long time ago. So I thought fit in somewhat.
And the people on the other side in the black masks are supposed to be robots also, but with intimidating masks. I am afraid one major problem is that these don’t all fit in clearly in my story. But I made them when i realized my main robot looked a little boring and wanted to add excitement to the scene.

Thanks for any assistance or comments.