Funk Town (AI)

Hey All
here is a another AI test :slight_smile:
it sucks i have to cut it short but the frame rate is getting slow on my
comp :frowning:
there may be a few bugs…this is my first hack at python
anyway let me know what you think 752 kb


Very nice indeed :smiley:

The people are responsive and turn before touching the walls and get up if they are sat down when the car is about to touch them, some people didn’t get up when I bumped into them and others did.

Is there anything else in the city?? I had a quick look around and wondered if the spotlights had any AI to them or something.

It’s great, reminds me alot of GTA

Great, very cool town. I like the characters, but sometimes they are a bit dumb. But I think you should work more with ray sensors. Like, use ray to detect a object property, and then connect that ray to an motion sensors. So when the ray hits an object called “wall” it will activate the motion sensor, and then turn. I think it works better then collisions.

Btw, I tested the .blend at school, but the 3d card at that pc was a bit cheap. The pc at school, made the city wave like an acean, and the textures where like reflections. This isn’t a fault of you, but of the cheap 3d cards at school. Does someone know why? :smiley:

I’ll use your AI, it’s great. Btw, make the city bigger, with trees, plants, and use the culling of Saint_pill, that will allow you to made huge cities. It’s a soo easy culling script, just 2 propeties, and 2 senors, and viola fini. :stuck_out_tongue:

That was nice :smiley: :smiley:
I got a ai test to

NOR.J, Did I saw this .blend files on a earlier time? :wink:

hmm i dont remember but I am working on it awry day so :smiley:

I think there is about 14 chars in it, my orgional goal was about 50 chars…
this is far from finished…just put on hold until i can get a faster graphics
JD-multi: I’ll have to try the ray sensors idea :slight_smile:
and i’m still trying to bring that culling script into it

cool demos :slight_smile:


very nice, its got some pretty wacky archtecture but still very very cool. there are lots of AI pieces which make it seem like ur in a real city, not some dead boring uninhabited place.

good work

Very cool !
I really like your design style…

It loads fast and nice at my computer. It is and old one: PIII 450 mhz, Diamond Viper v770 (and a lot of memory)…

: :slight_smile: