Funky Future Hovership

My newest work… started off by messing with a cube, but I got a little carried away by the music I was listening to 8). I decided to make a ship without a traditional streamlined look but also wanted to avoid an extremely blocky feel, so more “natural” plant-like shapes were the result:

And some color tests just for fun:

Of course it’s still a wip… gonna add some cables and lights here and there and other things I might come up with. C&C please?

Hey, looks pretty cool!

My only crit would be that the edges of the fan (or the metal around the fan, the fan housing) are too sharp. I’d bevel it. Otherwise, great work!

Fan housing has been beveled, thanks joek1010. I modified the wing-thing mesh and subsurfed it for smooth goodness. I also flipped and duplicated the rear fan since it needed a way to steer and it just looks so much cooler now:

Next thing I shall see if I keep that bubble cockpit… looks out of place to me.

Update… 8) Cockpit Ideas:

1 2 I like this ones the best but I’m not so sure…

3 4 Helicopterish… Same but diferent colors… big difference eh?

5 Original concept… I think it looks weird

So… which one do you think looks better?

I really like the cockpit on number 2. It looks more aerodynamic than the others.

2 Suggestions (Take them or leave them, mostly stylistic, its up to you:)

  1. Meshsmooth the metal that goes over the clear ball in the middle.
  2. I would get rid of the black and white eye thing in the middle of the clear ball, right in the middle of the hovercraft. It just looks kind of weird. I like it better in the original.

Overall though, great job! I really like how you have a color scheme going. And like I said, do what you think looks best.

Yeah I liked #2 too (heh) so I did my best to keep as much resemblance to it, though it was a nasty modelling :-?:

The “eye” thing is a cannon that is attached to the glass sphere, but I haven’t modelled the interior so I pointed it directly at the camera to conceal that :-|. Maybe I’ll remove the cannon and put some glowy energy inside the sphere, or I might get rid of it… don’t know…

Anyways, thanks for the c&c!