Funky Render

Hello all! I am a fairly noob Blender junkie developing props for a Blender game for the far future. Among said props is a stairway for an underground catacombs type level. The modeling is obviously easy but my texturing is terrible. I’m using two textures from The thing is when I mess with the normals it always looks like the concrete is layered over the bricks rather than the other way around. I’ve pushed the normals into positives and negatives, made a separate bump map than my diffuse map. I’m just not getting any decent results. Also the rather simple and boxy form of the stairway is really apparent desipite the bumpy look of the bricks. Help please. More models forthcoming.


I read your response twice and I still can’t quite figure out what it is you wanted help with. It DOES look like the bricks are over the concrete to me. On your bump map did you select “RGB to intensity”?