Funneling fractured cells?

hello everyone. i’ve been around the forums a few months and barely registered the other day.
i decided to pick up blender again after a few years and was wondering about animating physics.

currently what i’ve done is shattered a cube using the cell fractured addon.

set each section to rigid body active and set a plane to rigid body passive.

when the cube hits the plane it breaks like it should.

now if i model a funnel shape and add the same rigid body passive like the plane has, the cube hits the funnel shaped plane but the segments do not go down the hole, they just hit what looks like a flat plane regardless of the planes shape\

what steps do i need to do so that the segments follow the funnel shape?

What rigid body collision shape have you given your funnel ? Try using Mesh

wow! thanks it worked. so simple. and i thought i had tried all the collisions shapes. mesh worked perfectly. thank you!