funny 3D animation....

funny and original, 2D part at the end is also superb.

This is one kickass movie!!! Was it made in blender do you know? Like you said, funny, original, really well made!


Supamonk Rules! (ande saves the day). Cool movie!

Ha Ha I enjoyed that, very well put together. :smiley:


page 16, #11

unfortunatly i don’t think it was made in blender but i couldnt find any info tbh

This is funny and well done animation.

have you checked out plumber movie?

its also another good one (do a search on google i forgot the url)

yeah, that was great(monk movie)/ I’m impressed alot by the lighting and textures. It looked alot like claymation in some instances,.

That SuperMonk movie is hilarious!! Whoever made it has a great sense of humor. The 2D credits sequence were great, too.

wow! :smiley: That really funny. I love the expressions!

wow! That really funny. I love the expressions!

exatcly what i was gonna say.

at the begining i thaught it was badly made bu than later when the fight started it looked better.

i love it