Funny Ad

anyone see the add for the new paint program on the ad banner at the top of the forum? so i clicked on it, and it took me to the download page, with all the pricing and stuff. i exited the download screen and viewed the promotional video, then left the page. when i came back here, there was a new ad, for the same product that said ‘15% off!’. then the next time i refreshed the page, there was a third ad for the same product that said ‘20% off!’. heheh. so I figure that if I keep reloading the page, eventually I can get it for free! heheh.

As far as I know the banner ads are targeting you as “end-user” this means what you see is different to what others will see. Regardless of that yes it is indeed a funny story :D.

Reminds me of a colleague of mine. He was searching for a garden pump and finally bough one online. After that each third ad banner was offering garden pumps. :spin:

Lol. Reminds of the story where the sellers says “the more you buy the cheaper it gets.”

So the man says, “just chuck in the pick-up until it’s all free”

big brother is watching YOU :wink: