Funny Farm - My new company

(wavk) #1

I just started a new company, called Funny Farm. Check out the demoreel and the website, comments more than welcome. At the moment, only the large divx version of the showreel is available, and without sound. It’s much better with sound, but gotta do some things before it becomes available. Dutch people check the werkwijze part. If anything doesn’t work as it should, please say so. Also, I would like to know how fast the site is outside the netherlands. :smiley:

Have fun,


(Goofster) #2

looks pretty good to me. Will you add some music under it? that always spices it up bit.

you got a job opening? :smiley:


(Zion3D) #3


Very nice layout! and nice galleries, perhaps scrollbars instead of just the arrows. And make a dutch and english version of the site, especially because you made the “werkwijze” dutch.

In “Werkwijze” I found several errors, in texturing(images over the bottom line), rendering(… E r beeld eemt gauw n paar minuten…).

And your logo of Funny Farm kinda looks like Junny Farm.

Eventough I’m making these comments, I couldn’t do it myself it looks just great!

Hope you get loads of orders soon! Goodluck!

(Zweistein) #4


How/Where can i download you Halflife map??

(wavk) #5

Goofster: Yes there is already music under it, and it’s much more fun with it, but I have to arrange the rights. Hehe a job opening, do you work for free? :stuck_out_tongue: Not yet, maybe in a couple of months when business is thriving:)

Thanks zion, your comments are being addressed as we speak:) And I’m definitely going to drop the scroll arrows. They don’t seem to work in all browsers. I’m working on a dutch and english version at the moment. It’s just such a friggin amount of work :frowning:

Oh, and zweistein I saw your post when I submitted this reply, so I’m just going to edit this one. The half life map is, unfortunately, vanished:( I’ll change the subscript of the image soon:)

Any more comments greatly appreciated!

Have fun,
Wybren van Keulen

(dickie) #6

i love the layout and design of your site.

(Zion3D) #7

Also, what I forgot to mention was:

  1. How about making links to the codec sites.
  2. (texturing), the 2nd paragraph covers kinda the same as the first.
  3. I think you should let the client get the rights on the music, unless you compose it yourself offcourse.
  4. (renderen), it goes kinda deep, I don’t think the client is really interested in that.
  5. (3d)Some images are wrongly linked.

How about making a form on the Funny Farm website, one that sends a email to [email protected] with the entered info(client name, client his/her request, etc.)


(wavk) #8

Okay, a majoir update. I translated the entire site in dutch and english. The splash screen needs some work. Fixed a lot of the comments you guys (especially ZioN3d) had, but not all of them yet. I think the next thing will be removing the scroll buttons.

Have fun,