Funny Flash Movie: Switch to Linux

i liked it a lot, so sharig it: =)

Yeah, got it too… that’s why i like StumbleUpon so much :stuck_out_tongue:


That was funny…until flash locked up oss and refused to unlock…ummm was that /dev/dsp1 or um… flash --help? wait…um…stopX?..damn…linux rules :stuck_out_tongue:


Dependancy hell!

That just about did the trick. I’ve got a thread recently posted where I’m going on about how much bother I’m having defecting to the other side.

After seeing this flash, I’m SO glad that there’s NO chance of me becoming a linux geek. Phew.


Linux owns.


I clap at the hilarity.

Polygone: No need to try and get attention for your woes in other threads, your just ruining the fun. :x

I really liked it :smiley:

Edit: Spelling.

I wasn’t. What do you take me for. I put one sentence saying WHY I liked this flash animation, and the good timing being ironic that I’m looking at linux.

Geez, come on… %|

not ironic, coincidental

FreeBSD: Because We Suck Less.