Funny Glitches!

Hi everyone! I’m not 100% sure where to put this thread. I don’t think I should put it in the off-topic chat, because this has to do with Blender. Anyway, glitches can be funny. I think they are (well, some of them). I can’t think of any right now, but I know that I’ve seen or heard of some that are hilarious! If you know any bugs, errors, glitches, ect., that are so weird that they’re funny, post them here! (A screenshot or vid would make it 10x better). Moderators, feel free to move this to another section if this thread is out of place!

Edit: Post a glitch from any game/program you used, not just Blender. I’m gonna post a glitch I found on YouTube from EA Skate!
Sometimes it gives an optical illusion…

I hate when that happens, the 3d view renders lines all wavy, which really throws of my modelling sometimes.

Sorry,but any kind of programming guru can’t solve THAT

There used to be a popup for Booleans or something that said Are You Sure? and when you okayed it Blender said that you were stupid.

I made it more extreme.

Sorry,but any kind of programming guru can’t solve THAT

Actually…they could. :yes:

How about if you change the location to output rendered images/animations to in the output panel…you get a nice little error message when trying to preview. Because for some reason Blender doesn’t update the default file path when you change the file path in the output panel.

From time to time while writing new code, interesting accidents happen:

This started as a cube, and nothing was sculpted in anyway. It’s just the natural result of a bug in the subdivision code, repeated as each multires level was added, giving very interesting results.

yes, we can harness that power into uber texture brushes xD

I accidentally discovered a way to give blender anxiety attacks. :evilgrin:

That’s so cool

Here’s a cool glitch in the game engine:


“Half” real-time volume shadows without code. =P
If I could get rid of the gray clipping, it would be a full volume shadow.

Edit: it works in all version of blender that are newer than 2.25.

Last time I checked this thread, there where almost no replies! LOL

Jogai: Yeah, I saw that in an optical illusion book that I used to check out at my elementary school library all the time!

sebbonaparte: Actually they’re not wavy, they just look wavy.

Master Danix: Got that right!

egan: Can you post pics of it? What version/build were you using?

scrag_10: Nice!

Nichod: Actually, programming might fix it, but it wouldn’t be acurrate, because it would have to distort the mesh. And what do you mean by the output panel? Maybe I just forgot about it…

nicholasbishop: How did you do that? How did you get the multries to be a modifier? Is that what a Linux looks like? (I use Windows Vista)

kay_Eva: Or we could harness it’s power to be a 3D fractal generator! (I does look a bit like a 3D fractal)

Postmodern_Boy: I think I’ve seen that before… how did you do it?

C-106 Delta: How did you do that?

: )


Another example of “artistic” bugs during development:

How exactly did that happen, and can it be replicated? You could bake that to an awesome texture.

YellowLambo: multires as a modifier is currently in development

blenditall: I don’t have the original code that made that design, no. But subdivision is handled with this algorithm:

Tweaking bits of it is likely to produce similarly interesting bugs.

Algorith: Thanks, cool picture! I think it looks a bit like a 3D anaglyph!

nicholasbishop: Thanks, but what language would I use to replicate it?

Pure craziness.

Some hacking.