Funny, got a few finished projects and never showed them here! Show time!

Hi, for quite a while I have been uploading some works of mine on DeviantArt, some of them made on Blender, but now that I think about it, never really showed them here, so here we go!

Here is the link for my DeviantArt:

I also got a Youtube page for other porjects, most of them… all of them are Blender related:

There are some other stuff like some drawings and comics.


Woa, there was a maximum of uploads, well here are the last 2 images, unfortunatly the chronological order got totally messed up.

Sorry if there are too many images ^^.

My latest render is “A gift for a poet”.

Edit: I’ll also upload the first render I made here, this was made for my sister, she made this little character as a drawing (The Master of ideas), here is the link to the first version of the render:

After that I discovered the Ambient Oclution and ended up like the one posted here below.


Rofl, no replies nor views :frowning:
Maybe posted on the wrong forum…

Don’t worry about the views part. As discussed before, something is going wrong and the views are not %100 working right.

I really like your First picture with the robot. Do you have an animation of it?

Cool stuff! Robot in the first picture is great (design, poses, whatnot).

Also, the last image implies some cool animation - I hope that you’ll do something more with that cool character!

Don’t worry about the views part.
I see thanks for telling me ^^

Now that you mention it, when I worked on the Robot I couldn’t make a good rig making posing (also animation) very hard, maybe now after viewing the Mancandy dvd and understanding more about armatures I could make it move better, I’ll give it a shot!

Hay Cloud_GL your render this one is great.
Please tell me the Buid you are using and settings

and this video you done in Blender?
Its so great

I really like the first robot :slight_smile:

Patricia3D: For that all of these I used 2.49, the “stroke rendering” is just a surrounding mesh with inverted normal render trick.

The robot was originally designed by a friend, I added to it details (like the black parts), rigged and rendered it. Yeah it is a cool design =D

By the way, for the sake of my own memory and to help others too, I’ll be leaving here a file showing the cartoon material I use.cartoonPLUSlineMat.blend (274 KB)

Great Trick. Thanks for sharing.

I have been doing a few renders for my degree project, I thought about showing them of since they aren’t that bad looking ^^

About the project:

The general idea of this project is to bring light to the inner roads of Ciudad Abierta (Open City) of Ritoque, Chile. This way this experimental city done by the architectural campus of my university (Catholic University of Valparaiso) would appear in the night (right now the only lights that you can see comes from the buildings so the whole area simply disappear in the night).

And I propose to draw Ciudad Abierta in the night with light using green energy.

As a side note, I’m on the 2 phase of 3 of my degree project, at this stage I haven’t yet thought how the light source will look, those cube like stuff are “place holders” for now.

Beware they are big sized since they are meant for printing.

Here are the links: