Funny old man

Hello Everyone.

I’ve been working on this figure for about a week now and feel that I have stared me blind on it.

Therefore, I would greatly appreciate if you could cast a fresh eye on it, and share your thoughts before I start making details.

In the first picture I have inserted a pair of glasses to give you an idea of my initial thought. On the rest of the pictures I have tried to show the topology, so you can see how it is built.

Thanks in advance

I think he is laughing because you placed his glasses so high

Yeah, you know, old men equals big glasses. :slight_smile:

But perhaps I should place them a little lower the next time. :smiley:

Before you make the glasses lower,I think you can build a bridge of the nose for him.

That is certainly a great idea. I should probably do it before I start on the details. Then the glasses also has a place to rest. :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion. :slight_smile:

I think if you take all this advice you will end up with a old man that’s not funny

This is how far I have come until now. I’m still working on the details, and have not started on textures.

Any advice is appreciated. :slight_smile:

Reference images. Get as many as you can from the net(ie. google image search) and use those. Also pictures of facial anatomy, and anatomy in general.

Nowadays faces like this are generally sculpted, then retopologized.

For me, I find the fastest way to do faces is to load a ref image in the camera, line it up with a low poly head mesh, match up the position of the eyes, nose, chin and so on, project the texture on to the mesh, sculpt it, and retopo.


Hey Justb

Thanks for the tip. This is my second sculpt, and this time I am much more systematically. My main referance was a picture I got on my work mail (you know, one of those funny photos, with accompanying motivational text). Usually I just delete them, but I fell for the old guy.

I started to shape a sphere after the photo, and then sculpted the main fetures. Your tip to project the texture on til mesh is very good. I just placed the photo as a background in the viewport. After the sculpting I retopologized the head, and started on the details.

My problem is that I’m currently sitting in our summerhouse, and only have my laptop with me. I have a good view of the sea, but can not work with blender … life is cruel :frowning:

One thing I’ve thought about is when I use a sss shader, I have to exaggerate my details so that they stand out on the sculpt. If I use a normal defuse shader it looks terrible, but with sss shader it looks good. Is this normal, or am I doing something wrong?

I’ve been working again on my sculpt for the last few evenings, and this is my preliminary results. I have become a little stuck, and help/criticism would be much appreciated.

I love your work.
Maybe you sould make the Eyebrows finer…

Hi Heol

Thanks for your suggestion. I tried to make the eyebrows finer, but they disappeared completely. I therefore chose to keep the old eyebrows, and just make a little texture work.

I’ve decided that the image is finished and have posted the final image in “Finished Projects” (I also gotta learn when a project is finished :-))

Finished Project:

Thank you all.

A nitpick - when you smile like the old man is smiling, the nasalis muscle becomes pretty visible and seems to flow into the cheek.