funny video

Hey guy’s the other night i was watching jay Leno and they had a video of a car diving through the country and all the sudden after a few seconds this scary face pops up. Does anyone know where that video is? I know that they got it off the internet, but I dont know where from I tried searching for it and I could find it.

try here:

That video has been around the block of couple of times. Good one nonetheless.

Hey thanks a million guy’s ya’ll rock :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: .

go to : lots of videos like that (can think of 3 right now) one is where they tell ya to look at these rows of black squares for 20 seconds, then after you are looking at it for a while this scary face pops up (or a fat guy, cant remember :smiley: ).

MUhaha i worked out how this is done :stuck_out_tongue:
kids these days %|