Fur and Hair

Hi all,

I have been experimenting with the new hair and fur feature in the latest BlenderCVS.
Kong Fur
Tabby Fur
Patterned Fur

I must say I am very impressed.

Each of these examples uses a subdivided cube with static particles. Texture slot 8 has a cloud texture to add a fur like curly randomness. The material uses a blend colour texture mapped to Strand with one end of the blend as transparent. It’s important to make the alpha of the blend at the right end of the fur or it will look like straw.

It’s possible to animate the fur using a wind force controlled by another new feature in the Blender CVS, IPO drivers. Haven’t yet had time to create a neat animation but that will come.

Time to stop playing and get on with the tutorials I promised for this month.



But gar, all these new features, I gotta get around to setting up everything for compiling Blender myself :expressionless:

Cog, Very nice.

I hope your first new tutorial is how to make hair. I’ve got a bald model that could use a toupee.

Have you figured out how the hair guide works yet?


I just found this tutorial after I posted above. So I’ll try it out.


Fuzzy cube!

Hey, what about adding a link to the .blend in the “Static Particle fur library” sticky in the FP forum? This could be a great resource to blenderheads.

I’ve been tooling around with the same new features, and am equally impressed.

The only drawback i see so far is… The only possible way to change the thickness of the strands of hair is to use dupliverted objects, as far as I understand… Can someone confirm this? Also… If that’s confirmable – is there a way to use dupliverted objects in such a way that they create a smooth strand?

P.S. Your furry cubes look really great! I’m especially fond of the kong fur.

Hi all,

Experiments with hair rather than fur today.


A larger picture is also available from my website (1.3Mb) :-


I’ve found that you can vary the thickness of the strand of hair or fur using the alpha section of the colorband. Rather than try to explain it a picture should tell all.


You can set as many colours and/or alpha points in the colorband as you like. Hope this information will be of value to you all.


Hi, i’m a Blender newbie.
So i was just wondering, What is BlenderCVS?

this is what CVS means and does:


and this is the intro to Blenders CVS repository:


(and its rood to hijack threads)


I’d like to see some blends of the fur. I never can get it right :frowning:

Hi Cog!
Im a big fan I make it a mission to visit your site daily, but it would be very cool if you could upload some of your blends. In mine the fur just looks spikey! Its irritating me.

But keep up the awesome work

I’ve used new particles for mane in my lion model:
I’ve also tried to use guides but as I see falloff don’t work as I was expecting.
Also if you need dense hair you have a lot of RAM to render.

Hi all,

I’ve now completed a small animation to show breeze or wind playing on fur.

fur-in-breeze.mov (QT - 656Kb)

To do this I had to create an IPO driver working on texture slot 8 that has a cloud texture in to give curl to the hair. IPO drivers are only available on the latest BlenderCVS. However, they with the new Strand mapto and particle additions should all be in the upcoming Blender 2.40 release.

To those of you that have asked for some fur/hair blendfiles I will post some over the weekend. I need to clean them up because I did a lot of experimentation which would make it difficult to understand.

However, to wet your appetite I have uploaded the hair blend file :-


Remember you will need the latest BlenderCVS to load or use this blendfile. For Windows users this link will give the correct build

Hope you find this usefull.


now that iz sumfin really really cooool… thanks for shaeing… excellent stuff! :slight_smile:

I thought 2.4 Alpha also had IPO drivers? I mean, that’s what I’m using and I tried those drivers out a while ago. Just wondering, I might be wrong after all.

I thought 2.4 Alpha also had IPO drivers? I mean, that’s what I’m using and I tried those drivers out a while ago. Just wondering, I might be wrong after all.[/quote]

Hi MrMuscly,

Yep it’s there in 2.40 ALPHA but not the particle additions or the strand mapto.

The latest CVS is blender20051027 and this has a further patch which now allows direct IPO animating of the static particles. So forces such as wind etc can be used. You can also IPO the OfZ of the texture slot 8 (used for producing curls in the hair or fur strands, usually a cloud texture) which I think gives a better breeze like effect. I’m rendering as I write.


Cog, Thanks for the Toupe blend file.

The wind on the fur looks pretty good.

Have you tried the guides yet? Tricky little devils but they look promising.

So the latest CVS you can now animate the hair!?! ALso can you instance simple geometry using the hair as controls to say create a underwater plants than move with a surge and swell?

Hi womball,


ALso can you instance simple geometry using the hair as controls to say create a underwater plants than move with a surge and swell?

Umm… There’s no button to do that for you, but turn the thought around. Can you use the functionality that’s there to do what you want?

Yes. I suspect so.

Now find the way.

Harsh I know, but the detective work involved will make you a better 3D artist and the soloution can be entered here for all.


Hi to you too!

Thanks for the information man, let us see that render afterwards eh? ^^

Hats off!