Fur ball

Just a cute little character I came up with while playing around with a UV-sphere.

Does anyone know how you can make particles cast shadows?

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I got particles to cast shadows when I didn’t have a halo texture on the particles.

The shadow casting particles can be found in the 2.4 Alpha testing builds or in the current Blender CVS. The particles need to be set to static, and you should probably select the “Animated” option, too. Also, don’t select “Halo” for the particles texture. Hope this helps.


Here’s my update, rendered in Blender 2.4-alpha2.
I’m not sure which one is the best.

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turn up the “rand” (to the right of norm and ob) it will make the hairs look more random

What a sweet, funny thing… I like it ;]
IMHO: The second one is better

It would be nice if you gave those eyes some depth, by accually all the parts of the eye, assigning textures and grouping them. Also I think you should make multiple ones, each with there own hairstyle, and make a short animation. :slight_smile: It’d be real cool.

Which one is best depends on whether this guy is supposed to be soft and cuddly like a teddy bear, in which case only the first really works, or whether he is stiff and scratchy like a scrub brush- which would be the second image.

Personally, I prefer the first one. He seems more appealing with the soft looking fur. I also prefer the way the fur goes right up to the eyes on the first one.

You can still achieve the “softer” look with static particles…the latest CVS build has strand options for the fur that could help with that, or you could use an alpha texture to achieve the effect.


Ahh!! That looks like my character Fizzy!


Obviously mine is different in terms of the hands and feet but they are pretty close. o.O Also mine were created in 3DS Max but… yeah… Fizzy is special to me cause he is me in a way.

If you really did come up with this on your own thats funny how much we think alike and this wouldn’t bother me as much if your post was before I had created my deviation.