Fur combing idea

I’ve had an idea of using something like a normal map to control the direction and length of the fur particles.

What do you think of this idea?:wink:

that could be useful, would you mind explaining further?

Curveguides are easier, but I guess this would be useful in you didn’t want to create a massive amount of them…

easier, but for furry ctreatures? pain in the @$$

But still this is a good Idea. Why not use like a piant brush to move the hairs?

i was actually talking to alden, i think its a great idea. A painting syste would be nice…maybe sort of like proportional editing for hair…but i assume such a prject would take a long time to code, and just as long to be implemented iinto blender. If onlywe could get a coder in here…ive tried my hand…not my thing

anyway, hope this thread stays active, weve got some good ideas comin in