Fur goes into big spike on some frames!

The below soft-ball character is doing a bouncing somersault. The fur starts of all evenly lengthed, but as he takes off, the fur first all shoved up to one side of him, then goes into clumps and sometimes even goes into weird spikes. I’d like to keep it the same as the first frame all throughout the movement.

The modifiers on the character are:

Collision (for particles that might hit him)
Particles Hair.

I have tried having other orders of mid stack and it still does weird stuff!


Sorry for the long image but can anyone help, please??

OK, this has got stranger.

I noticed that if you manually render each frame by manually going there in the timeline and then hitting ‘f12’, the fur renders perfectly.

But if you click the Animation Render button, the fur does all the weird stuff above. This must surely be a bug in Blender? I sure hope it can be fixed, because I can’t be manually rendering thousands of frames!!

Aha, I unchecked ‘Hair Dynamics’ and now it works fine! I suppose rendering single frames versus sequences was creating different results (as explained above) because each time it would be reading the physics situation combined with movement differently.