Fur/hair particles are spiky/triangular in render view (3.4, cycles)

the title explains enough on it’s own though I will mention that I’m new to this site as a refugee from the dumpster fire known as stackexchange and haven’t found a particularly active blender community on discord, and just like the former, nsfw is off limits so I can only give so much information, but I’m hoping this will be enough, I’ve tried playing around with pretty much every tab in the particle properties tab and tried combing using the particle edit tool, so far no luck, furthermore, I’d greatly value a speedy response as I’m doing a request for another person and I’d rather not keep them waiting much longer

this is what I can provide as far as what I’m having trouble with goes, but if this isn’t enough info I can take screenshots of my particle properties configuration given that’s what’s causing this problem

NSFW is allowed, just tag your post with #nsfw :slight_smile:

thanks for letting me know! unfortunately I can’t upload the blend file due to my account age, so hopefully this will be enough info for someone to identify and come up with a solution, because chances are this is another novice mistake I made on my end

I actually found my solution on discord

setting the diameter root way down (like 0.01 meters) fixed everything