Fur/Hair under cloth

Is it possible to put hair under clothes, without having the hair poking through? If so, how. If not, what are the alternatives to create a similar effect.

I quess it is not possible yet :frowning:

1: Make a new image in the uv/image editor
2: Make a new texture for the particle system you use for the fur.
3: Set it as the image uv coords.
4: paint it white where you want hair and paint it black where you need it shaved.
5: In the influence panel tick the length box.

The mesh that has the hair will have to be uv unwrapped for this to work.
It won’t always update automatically. You may have to toggle between edit and object modes.

I hope that made sense,
Beet Da Brat

beetdabrat, if I understand you, your solution is similar to just creating a group where the hair should emit from and leaving the rest of the object without hair. However, this is not a good solution for what I want. When the character is animated, the clothing moves and reveals what is under.

Maybe you should do it the other way around. Let the hair particles “grow” inwards into the body from the cloth mesh (or a lower res proxy that moves with it, which would probably be lighter on resources). You would’nt care that the hairs penetrate the body, since the effect would pretty much be the same as if they emanated from the body mesh. Worth a try?

Would using hair dynamics (particle settings) + collision (under physics) work? Also used with collision (under physics) on the cloth so it collides with the hair particles.

Klutz, that sounds interesting, I will give it a try.

Thatimster, I have tried that, but I found that the hair ignores the collision setting of the cloth/clothes.

I have not tried this yet, but my idea is fairly indirect …

First rig the hair with an armature such that deforming the armature the hair

Next create a soft body object, which is not rendered, to surround the hair

(Do something) so that the hair armature is deformed by the soft body.

Set up the various objects in the system, the hair emitter, the soft body hair net object, and the cloth, so they all correctly collide.

See what happens …

Maybe this will help,
When I get a chance I will try something along these lines


I’m not sure what you are advising when you say rig the hair with an armature. I have 1000 hairs with 10 children. Rigging each hair is not an option.

I do not think that hair reacts to collision physics.
I did a test:

  1. added a sphere
  2. added hair in the particle system to the sphere
  3. clicked on dynamics in the particle settings
  4. set field weight to zero in the particle settings
  5. added collision to the sphere
  6. added a plane and subdivided it
  7. enabled cloth physics for the plane
  8. enabled collision to the plane
    The plane fell through the hair (with no affect on the hair) and collided with the sphere.

I tried this interesting method, but it will not work for my purposes. The clothing on the character is bouncing quite a bit and this would require very long hair; and other than this the results are strange when the cloth bounces so the the inside of it points in a direction that is not toward the body.


I have been looking more at this interesting problem
Hopefully Gooseberry will give us some new hair tools

You cannot rig hair unless it is changed into mesh hair.
Particles {including hair particles} do not interact with the other physics simulations like collisions and cloth.

I think that the easiest way to add collision to the hair is to surround the hair with a object that is invisible {not rendered}, which can have collision physics.
The invisible object acts as a ‘hair net’ and is adjusted so it covers the volume of the hair
The big disadvantage of this is that you need to separately animate the hair net object as the hair moves around because of other physics interactions

Then I thought that the hair particle system could be adapted to include the hair net object
The hair is a particle system using keyed physics, 2 particle systems, an origin system on the head, and a destination system on the hair net
The hair net object, as well as being the collision boundary for the cloth, is also a soft body so it can move and shake the hair around

Best of luck, Merry Christmas


Martin, that is a very creative solution. Thanks for your interest.

Here after 5 years still same problem exist. :slight_smile: And I have an idea which for who has not a hair net but just hair particles.
The wired objext in the video has cloth physics but with leather. And the bottom side of is pinned. And has a solidify modifier and collision modifier double sided to prevent the upsided cloth penetrate the hair and prevent the hair go up.

1110001-0160.mkv (3.1 MB)