Fur Help

hey, so I creating a model of the Nintendo famed character Starfox. I am having some trouble giving him some good looking fur. As you can see its farely short and tight to his skin for the most part. Should I get this look through normal mapping textures? Or should I use strands? I am pretty noobish with strands but all help is greatly appreciated!!!


WifiWalrus, that is Excellent! Do you really need fur? Good as is. Fur will slow your computer down, and animating this clever Fox with fur will be a major headache. Wait til Ton comes out with the Bunny movie to see how they do fur.

It’s a shame this Fox is copyrighted, because man you got the skills to model and texture good!

BOTH of the pictures in my thread about how to make fur are made by Nintendo itself. I did not make either of them. they were simply just examples of what I am looking for. I wish I could make it look that good! But I seem to have found a method using normal mapping that work well. Here it is so far.

As you can see I used some textures to the appearance of some short fur. And to make the fur white I’ve been using texture painting. The eyebrows are not doing to good for texture painting. What would you recommend?

I would suggest painting the texture of fur by hand in your 2d editor of choice. Google images of hair texture to get an idea of where to start. But don’t use a photograph if you want to maintain the toon look. You’ll need to paint the hair strands yourself.

after you got your image map painted for all the parts on your char, apply a normal map to the image texture. You could probably go back and paint several other alpha images to get some nice layering effects for the normal qualities.

For the tail I would probably suggest using strands, but only there if at all. Everything else can be achieved with a lot less resources.

K sounds good. I’ll give it a try. and just wondering, how should I go about unwrapping the faces for UV texturing? How do you manage to piece all your textures together? UV Texturing is one thing I have a bit of trouble with.

what should I use to to get the stringy hair look? I’ve been using photoshop and illustrator but I don’t know if I should use a brush or what.