Fur in the shadow, not great result

Hey guys, please have a look at this image:

Basically I can’t get that fur in the shadow to look better than that, it lost all definition except for the specular tips. I’ve tried removing AO, adding a nearby lamp, lowering the shadow’s soft size, fiddling with the fur’s minnaert darkness setting… but the result was always the same. Do you guys have any idea what’s up and how to solve it?

Oh and I’m in Blender 2.56a, using Blender’s internal renderer (yeah, like you didn’t notice :)).

You could try increasing the strength of the AO and reducing the occlusion distance needed to produce the shadowing effect, that might help in increasing the shading definition for real dense meshes like fur.

Yes! It’s working! Thank you Ace Dragon :slight_smile: I can’t afford (much) more AO strength but I didn’t think of bringing the occlusion distance down at the same time, very clever!