Fur Library - Volume 1 - .blend file released

EDIT: I have recently received a strong interest in finding my old Fur Library. Broken links are everywhere, spread around the internet like glitter. I have searched my hard drive, compressed and uploaded the fur library onto my server.

You can find the blog post and download the file from here:

If you find a broken link, please report it in the comments section on the download page. Thanks for the help.

awesome! I think the tiger and dalmation are great. keep it up! (How about cactus needles?)

Looking good. I´m looking forward to see this one finished.

Great work! Can’t wait for the blend…
BTW, Can you post (the blend file) what you have so far?

I’m just curious, did you render those in Yafray?

Like I said in my previous post:

Everything is rendered with the Blender Internal renderer. I haven’t even tried to render them in Yafray yet (Can Yafray even handle the static particles?). Anyways, I now have an assortment of grass and I’ll see if I can include some cactus needles as well. I have a leopard one I am trying to get working, for some reason finding a procedural texture for a leopard/cheetah is kind of frustrating. I also have a Lamb one that I am trying to replicate wool. Also, I am working on a “For the Birds” one that mimic’s the feathers shown on the birds in Pixar’s short film, “For the Birds.” If you have any special requests, please let me know. The only ones I discourage are solid color fur, mainly because they’re not worth including into the library, as they are easy to do.

I’m rather tied up with visiting family for the holiday’s and I’m also in the process of moving into my new house, so I’m trying to find time to work on this in between on my spare time. But I should have a working library out soon after the whole rukus is over. I’ll post some new renders soon of the newly added ones so you can see how they’re comming along.

(Can Yafray even handle the static particles?)

Yeah, it can. Particles look great under GI. You library will be a awsome contribution to the Blender community.

Ok, here’s a small update. I have 2 more officially added into Volume 1 (a Red Fox and a Cactus). I still have some more editing to do to the others I want to add (For the Birds and the Cheetah furs). I haven’t gotten too far with the cheetah pattern yet, but I feel that the magic lies within the Magic texture somehow, although I feel as if I can’t make it work. The problem with the “For the Birds” fur is that I can get the particles to simulate the feathers needed (I’m still working on the materials to match the colors), but I cannot get the feathers to fade like a gradient from small feathers on the top of the mesh to larger feathers on the bottom. If anyone has any suggestions and/or proposals utilizing the Weight Painting methods, etc. that would be easy to apply into a library setting, let me know as I am open to any suggestions on this one.

I have decided to exclude grass from Volume I, mainly because I am looking to make a complete grass library later simulating various types of fields, etc.

I hope to have the .blend finished and available by the end of the week, which means I am really cramming in development time on my spare time between packing and moving. It’s hard, but I’m sure you’ll appreciate it more when its complete.



Ditto :o

another one bites the dust:


click here for a larger image:

This one uses a vortex field, so it’s not very “Library” worthy, but I think it’s a nice little bonus for the Cactus fur, so I’m adding it in.

Wow…looks great! can’t wait to get my hands on the .blend and mess with them!

I might have to start experimenting with the new particles!

i love the cactus!

Thanks for putting your time and heart to it.


Yeah! Thanks!

This is some sweet stuff BrianH! Thanks for sharing this with everyone.


There are too many KingKong projects out there inspired from the movie, so it’s only natural to jump in on this monkey business. Here’s something to beat your chest about:


click here for a larger image:

Indeed, very nice work on these. It’s always nice to have more resources lying around to make use of, and these will definitely be helpful to a lot of people.

Here’s one to brighten up your day:


click here for a larger image:

BrianH… you’re the man :slight_smile: … no but seriously this so great.

A GOLDSTAR to you :slight_smile:

I’m seeing spots after working on this leopard one for so long:


click here for a larger image:

I am still working on this one. I’m trying to get the spots underneath more random and the black rings to be wider. The colors will defintily be tweeked in the end, as my main concern right now is getting the pattern to look properly, but it’s really starting to pull together.

If you haven’t realized, this is why I haven’t released any .blend’s yet. People have already started contacting me complaining that I haven’t released anything. I want to make it worthy of being called a fur library and I am constantly changing and adding new ones. I am adding 7 more to this file to complete the library, meaning evey possible layer will be occupied. I’m working on writing up the documentation and user guide for it as well, so it will be a breaze to use and learn from.

Thanks to everyone who’s commented on the progress so far. You’ll hit yourself when you find out how easy it is though :wink: .