Fur Library - Volume 1 - .blend file released

I’m curious on how you get your hair to properly taper? Mine tends to do the opposite, going from wide to thin when it connects to the head, or in this case ball. I think this may be a blend alpha mistake, although I am not sure how to flip the blend alpha textures.

It sounds like your tangent shading isn’t setup properly. Make your Start larger then your End value. This will simulate a tapper. I usually use somehting like this:


A negative Shape value will give you pointy shapes, a possitive will produce wider ends.

Bear with me on this one:


click here for a larger image:

i made a leopard fur (that might need a bit of tweaking to be more accurate)

it’s in the baby cheetah WIP topic

EDIT: here:


it was done pretty fast, but can be tweaked pretty easily. i suppose i should work on it some more, but i think i have the spots right. what do you think?

It’s hard to recognize the pattern on your fur, mainly because of the lighting. It also has a wet dog feel to it (maybe too much specularity?). Looks like you picked up on my tip from before though and went with the Magic texture. Here’s a screenshot from my material settings:


This is a Magic texture applied to Color and Orca. Then there is a simple Blend texture applied to Aplha with a fading gradient to simulate more realistic fur.

Ok, I whipped this up real quick to show you how close I am to completing Volume 1:


click here for a huge image (3200 px x 3200 px, 2.3MB, JPEG)

I’ll work on adding more tonight.

as i said, i didnt work on it long. i didnt mess with the lighting or specular lighting.

EDiT: how did you light yours, btw?

BrianH, I’m glad you are doing this. It means that I don’t have to update my fur library (which is getting sadly outdated). :smiley:

That’s great stuff. Maybe a skin texture with little hairs on it.

Nice work. K, now i’m trying to make some hair of my own and i’m having some difficulty. I’m mapping a blend texture to Strand and Alpha. I get the nice fluffy texture that’s desired, but then when i render the hair appears very washed out because the texture fades into transparent. Am i doing something wrong?

I also have tried using tangent shading but this doesn’t cause the fluffiness that i’m trying to get, though it does prevent the washed out appearance. Thanx for your help!

How are you applying the color to the strands? Are you using the base mesh color or are you using another texture? If you are aiming for a solid color fur, my best recomendation would be to map your Blend texture to Alpha and Color applied to Strand. Then all you have to do is edit the color in the Blend texture’s Colorband. If you could post some renders showing what it’s doing and possibly a screenshot of your settings, I could make more specific recomendations.

Hey all. Sorry that I cannot get the .blend file out before the weekend is over. I had to disconnect my internet on Friday because my ISP’s store isn’t open today. I won’t get my service connected at my new house until after the 4th, so hopefully I’ll have a nice belated new years gift for you then. My computer is already packed up so I can’t even get the file for you right now. Anyways, Happy New Years.

Those furs looks awesome! only one thing that i think would make it better. On the leopard fur, make the space between the spot and the ring around it wider, and make the ring wider. This would IMO make it more realistic…

thanks a lot for that work. your examples hust gave me a new look at the fur system. cactus etc were the ones which impressed me the most.

hope to see your blend file soon :wink:


Great work! Sonic’s was great, but it’s been sadly dated. Glad to see that someone has picked up this useful project!

Perfect, they’re just great! :smiley:
I cant wait for more… 8)

This is great! Can’t wait to see it.

Oh my god, this is cool!
I don’t usualy “WOW” people, but… WOW! :o

This is sensational!!! I am so extremely excited to see the blend file and to learn. Thank you so much for you wonderful gratitude and beautiful contribution. I am so excited!!

= D :slight_smile:

Cool. I did not know that you can simulate fur and hair using particles. I usually see particles as smoke or small fire embers.