Fur Motion

I thought I would give animation a go and try making fur float around
on a ball. The ball gets alittle hung in the air to long at the end but comes back down at the 2 second mark.
its real low quality fur,res,size,os due to my computers limits


-700+ Frames
-CPU=amd 800 mhrz
-time to render 3 1/2 hours

Its good, but I would suggest distributing it in a .avi (Divx encoded) or .mov for more people to watch it. Even though I have the codec, I don’t particularly like the Divx player.

Not many crits, I’m guessing you did this with softbodies right?

I didn’t know know how to change it from divx when I compressed it.
maybe someone could help me on that.
its really difficult to do what I did with softbody; I dont even think its possible yet. I used sphere deflecting and it gives very good results if done write. Im trying to mimic the C4D demo using this technique :smiley:

Then how did you do it?

I was saying their maybe a way and may not be. having put some time into trying and nothing came out as I wanted, I started using the fields. I ment to say I used the sphereical field in my last post.


Just rename *.divx to *.avi.