Fur or Hair Question

I want to emit hair from two parts of one object. Now the only problem is, that I want to emit two different types of hair from that one object. Now I know I can assign vertex groups to get hair to those two parts, so basicly my question is, Is there a way to assign 2 “New” particles to one object?

Thx Mux

I don’t think you can have two hair types on one mesh. What you can do is copy the faces from which you want the hair to emit and make another object. You may know some or all of these steps, but for new users who don’t:

In edit mode select the vertices or faces, Shift-D to copy, hit Esc so they don’t move.
Next hit P to disconnect the selected, copied faces as a separate object.
Hit Tab to go to Object mode.
Right-click to select the new object and Shift+Left-Click the original then Ctrl-P to parent.
You’ll probably want to make sure that just the particles are rendered and not the mesh on the second object.

This works great for beards and mustaches, especially if you plan to do lip syncing. It also allows you apply different force values and have the hair go in different directions.