fur particle problems

I’m doing a full of fur mesh but in same areas there are a lot of particles and in others it simply dont show up!

like this:


can anyone help!

Try pressing the button that say “even”

image shack taking too long…FF times out.

Even button is already on!

try increasing the number of particles.

It’s already on the max!

It would help us if you post the .blend file. Many things could cause this, including inverted normals, weight-painted vertices, low particle velocities, or child particle settings. Hard to tell from just a picture.

The number of particles? Set “Normal” in the “Particle Motion” Panel to something other than zero.

Yes! the particles are on th max!

I already changed the normals but didn’t worked!

here goes the blend file:

i hope that same one can tell by that.

Your normals are pointing in random directions.Select all verts in Edit mode, Ctrl-N to recalculate normals outside. Also in the Particle Motion tab, change the Normal setting to something positive so the particles shoot out of the fox’s skin.

EDIT: Do what Soylent says below, just the 2 offending faces need to be flipped.

Probably no need to have multiple meshes for the fox’s skin. If you want to see the emitting mesh, activate Mesh in the Particles tab.

The normals are wrong, but recalculate normals doesn’t help.

You have two faces that are wrong (on the back legs). Change to edit mode, deselect all vertices, select “Non Manifold”. The Vertices on the head are allright, yust the two faces on the legs (one left, one right) are wrong. Correct them. The recalculate normals again, and everything works nicely.

Well, it helped a lot!

Tanks guys! i’ll kep updating the progress in the wip section!

Hum, I’m getting similar issue when using subsurface without clicking on
“apply” button, seems that particles doesn’t like to be applied on a
subsurfacing object (after I apply the subsurface they are displayed fine,
but geometry is lot more complicated).

Particles only take the origional object (not subsurfed)

Whoever knows particle system code should code this in.(not good for furry organic objects)