Fur-test; The CaveKids


I had some fun tonight putting the new fur/hair of Blender 2.40 to the
test. It´ s not quite optimal yet, but hey…it´s a start.

I really like it but there are still problems where the fur meets skin. I hope you will still work on the image even if you posted on finished forum.

I playing with the ideea of “furring” one of my older models, a rabbit, and tought of using a layered fur. Underside a layer of fur just like your “guys” have and another one at the surface using the new blender “hair”.

So maybe you can get also better results if you apply another fur layer to your models.

Cool. Looks a bit flat, though.

How long did this take you to set up? Do you know if this is possible to animate? Like, does the hair move with the mesh?

hehe…that´ s actually what I did… quickly furred one of my old models.

and yes…the fur is animatable, but not without flaws…at least yet.
The hairstrands have a tendency to “flicker” nervously in certain areas
when moving - so those little bugs needs to be ironed out first.

I don´t think I´d be adding another layer…this baby took me 7 million
vertex´es and 3 million faces and that´ s quite a lot for my aged AthlonXP
2500+ (1.8 ghz). It was rendered with the unified renderer as the standard
internal renderer still have severe artifacts with ztransp.

Didn´t take me long to set it up as I used one of my older models and
“remodeled” it a bit, something in the region of 45 minutes…the rest of
the night was spent trying to bypass the now-so-famous render artifacts
and trying to make the smaller fur-strands somewhat go in the direction
I wanted it to. Even though we have guides now…these aren´ t really
practical for fur - for hair…they´re perfectly fine however.

I have a couple of ideas how to improve this…will discuss it with the

these guys look excellent :smiley: i agree, the transition with the bare skin needs to be refined.