Fur where it belongs

How do I make it so that the fur appears where I want it? Like if I made a monsters hand, i.e Sully from Monster Inc. How do I make the fur only appear on his hand not on his nails?

Satish Goda (iluvblender) recorded a great Flash tutorial on using weighted vertex groups to control particle density and speed (speed = length for static particle strands):
iluvblender’s grass tutorial

The link to the tutorial doesn’t work, but I saw you could control it by Vertex groups? how? and this is going to be used in an animation too.

The link works fine for me with Firefox 1.05. Here’s the actual URL:


The method should work fine for animations. If you still can’t get to it perhaps PM iluvblender for advice.

Create a new vertex group in edit mode under the “Link & Materials” tab. Name the vertex group something, e.g. “Fur”, and assign the vertices you want fur on (select vertices and press assign). This can get a bit tricky because the fur will appear on all faces the vertices touch.
Now under the particle settings tab at the bottom there is a “VGroup” box. Type in the name of the vertex group you wish to use (in this example, “Fur”), it is case sensitive.
This should now only produce fur on the selected vertices, eg:


Thanks for the concise summary DanC. I will add that weight-painting on the mesh gives you fine control of the fur density. You can “paint” the hair lengths similarly by creating another vertex group and entering it in the Vgroup field in the Particle Motion tab.