Okay, few things about fur. I have a model, I have Blender’s new particle fur on it. I have a material on it, but the material applies itself to the mesh it’s coming off of, so the mesh looks transparent. Rather ugly. Can I give the mesh a seperate material than the fur?

Also, can I make fur not ‘grow’ in some areas, IE, eye sockets? Thanks for any help.


This video should answer most of your questions…
http://www.mentalwarp.com/~fred/divers/HairTutorial.avi (17MB)

(P.S. I didn’t make it, I just found it)


Don’t know how I missed this.

Can I give the mesh a seperate material than the fur?

No, but you can set the Emitter Mesh so it doesn’t render and put a duplicate there with another material.

can I make fur not ‘grow’ in some areas

Yes, with WeightPainting. Red is full throttle and Blue is turned off.


Hmm, well, when I go into weight painting, I see the areas I want fur not to grow in are alreafy blue (convenient!), but fur still grows there.

As for the mesh underneath, that was my idea, but http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/PartXIII/Particle_Hair
suggests in the pictures that they have a different material for the mesh, as well as:

As you can see from fig-3 you’re now in the material menu (F5). From there you need to create a new material and add a texture, actually it would be practical if you create 2 materials if you intend to keep the original mesh-object as well as the particle strands, but for now we will concentrate on shading the particles.


I think it is the case that you can have different materials for the particles and mesh. Do you have Release Candidate 1? Their is an option to choose which material is applied to the particles, under the particle settings.

ya, I found the same thing that xarton said above. In the particles settings, you can select which material channel for emitter, and which for the particles. Saves verts so you don’t have to duplicate your mesh.

You need to assign a Vertex Group and put it in the bottom-left of the Particles tab.


Okay, I was able to make the fur appear not where I want it to via vertex groups, but when I try to change the fur color, it comes out in pink… I’ve tried them all :confused:

The same pink as the RGB pink in the MapTo tab?


Hard to say. It could just be from the ear color I have. I can’t seem to get it to be the material it should be.

In the materials list, the material I want has a O or 0 beisde it. Would that matter?

Edit: All the materials past 1 are pink, and 1 is just the material I’m using for the skin.

Yes, select the emitter mesh (delete its material if it has one) and select that material from the menu.


When I delete it, it’s still there in the materials thingy.

thingy?.. if it has a 0 in front it’ll only be there till you save.


Oh, I see. But by pressing that little F, I can fix that, no?

Still can’t get the emitter to emit a different, non-pink material :confused:

Ok, the two colors I can get it to emit are A) Yellow or B) Pink. It occured to me that these are the two colors of my two vertex groups. So if I made another Vertex group, made it the texture I want, do you think it may work?

Edit: I was correct! Only problem is the material fades from yellow to white, insteads of yellow to transparent.

Sounds like you’re not using the Colorband. Use it with 2 colors on a Blend texture, one side set to Alpha = 0. Search because when particle hair first came out there were 20 threads about it. Look in the New Features thread in Finished Projects.


Nono, I made the colorband. I turned on RayTrans, and I believed it fixed it.

is Raytrans supposed to be on?

or z-transp