furadia character (Lone Head 3-d render)

Hey folks, im new here, and have been using blender for a few days. I went through the one mesh modeling tutorial of the man, and adapted it to try to make an anthro character. My attempt was ok, and using extrusion I came up with something decent for a first attempt. I then picked up the book the essential blender and found it to be invaluable. I then went through the sculpt modeling tutorial and then tried to adapt it to make a wolf head of my character. I think that the sculpt modeling is great. I love how it feels like your working with virtual clay. Now ive only been using the program for a short while I think that I came up with something pretty remarkable for a first go at sculpt modeling. I think I will fix the nose a bit more, and of course add the eyes, I also think the ears could be brought forward more to avoid the dingo-ish look it has now. Below i have a render of the front view I will try to post more pictures of different views a little bit later. So without further ado here it is.

Looks nice, but the lighting means you can’t really see much of the details. I’d try changing the background to a neutral gray, taking the spec off the material, not using a lamp and turning on AO at the moment. Other than that, looks great! the sculpt tool is really fun to play with :slight_smile:

here is a updated version i used the A.O. and i think it helped a great deal thanks man.