Furball creature

This is a weird furball creature I am working on just wondering what others thought.


Its a good start. Wut are ur plans for it?
Animation?Stills? Is it a sidekick? A hero?
anway, it looks nice, but maybe check out the blender fur libraries(i know there on the forum somewhere) That could be of some help.
Anyway, Good luck(check out my WIP if you can)

Thanks, I am thinking of using it in an animation maby some stills. It could be a hero or a antihero only time will tell I will chrck the library.

here is an updated picture.


KK, cant wait for some progress storywise

truth be told I still am trying to decied exactly what to do with it at this point.

IMO some pixar eyes would really look good with it. Go to, http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Blender_3D:_Noob_to_Pro/Creating_Pixar-looking_eyes_in_Blender, if you want a tut for it. Other than that the creature looks really good.

Thanks, I will look into that that will probably be the first thing I improve, it was my first time though.

PS. any one know how to deflect the hair from the eye so it does not go through??

You can try particle deflection on the eye(in the physics tab) but that doesnt always work…You can also use a weight group to choose where the hairs are projected form. That way you can choose not to have any hairs(static particles) comeing from under the eye
PS Theres a video tute on the blender site. Its by grreybeard, alabout using static particles

Thanks free ality I will look into that.

Do you have AO on?

(BTW, nice avatar.):slight_smile:


and how should I animate it?

AO is ambient occlusion. its a tab in the world settings.
And as for animation, youll have to rig it. As i constantly say in these forums, i recommend the BSoD Intro to Charater Animation(search it on blednernation.com). Its extremely useful(there are some older tutes in the wiki, praise the gingerbread gus tute ;)) Rigging is adding an internal skeleton, if you dont know by now.
peace out

oh thats what I thought it was I just could not remember weare it was. I will look into that thanks.