Furballs (Cycles & Hair)

Here are some fur/tentacle balls I’ve made while stuyding hair. Blender can some sick hair!

Blend file available here

Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing. :wink:

Awesome! I like the middle one! :slight_smile:

Amazing stuff, not easy to find. Thanks for sharing it!

excellent, thank you

Great suff!
Thank you very much!

Thanks for the comments guys!

awesomeness! Thanks very much for sharing!

This should be in blendswap, is it?

hey januz very nice work, i just downloaded the file and was wondering the bsdf node labeled undefine. is that a custom shader or grouped sorry im new to blender

@3pointEdit, I was going to post it there. But the guidelines say no tests.
@ryken hey, what version of Blender are you using?

@januz im using 2.68

The undefined node is the new Hair BSDF, you can get 2.69 RC3 now or wait a few days and get 2.69 stable.

Januz, does it say test somewhere, should be WIP files. Your files are well within our approval structure. We would love to have them on the site. Thanks for sharing.