Furly! Or how it is named :P


Here comes Furly! :p:p:p Well guys/girls this is my second (third if you count the second lightsaber) 3D graphic I made :rolleyes: and it’s one for a game project if everything goes well :p:p:p. Any suggestions, hints, comments, ideas, … are welcome and maybe a new name for this little fellow :p:p:p. I will make the game not with Blender (I heard it was possible) but with a more familiar program specially designed for creating games. Since I don’t know if it is allowed to call names of other programs I won’t call it unless allowed.


Here you can see the back of Furly. I did this to show you all most of the details.


The side. I know the eyes are pointing too much outwards but I don’t know how to fix it. If I move them more to the back they get covered by the hair. Any help is welcome.


Here is the wire version of Furly. It shows more how it is constructed then the rendered images. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

I know, on the wire version it looks like a monster but isn’t he quite when rendered?! :p:p:p

Looks like something that wants to be rescued, definite cute factor. :slight_smile: The lighting could use some work though, try a more subtle studio setup and not that 5-lamp-close-proximity-lighting-fire you got there.

Check out some hair tutorials. Specifically ones on strand shapes and using a blend texture mapped to the hair strand to give the tips a little alpha.

Like this guy:
(I also used 3 curve guides to shape the hair, but one step at a time!!)

Thanks for the tips guys but can you both explain it a bit more to me? Thank you :smiley:

Try these!!