This is a small project I started outside of the Office Guy project that was initially just for my mom for her birthday. It’s slowly evolving into a larger project, mostly because it reminds me of a toy I had as a kid. It was a small plastic crate that said danger or something on the outside. It had a hole in it with an eye looking out. When you picked it up it said in a high pitched voice, “Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, can you let me out of here!” You couldn’t see the critter, but this is how I imagined it:


I made a few changes since this, like different hair and a little more facial detail.

Here he is without fur:


I’ll post the updated pictures later and what I have of the movie. I’ve made a breakthrough(for me anyway) in the animation of fur with an empty. Ok that’s it. Feel free to comment or crit. Thanks.

Nice, is he rigged yet? and a quick Q, wut are your fur settings?
its looking good man, keep it up(are you making a short or something?)

Thanks for the reply free_ality. He is rigged. I’m surprised with how well the rigging worked. Here are two more recent pictures:



And here are two videos. The first one is a render of the first five seconds with motion blur to see how well the fur moved. The second render is just one of those preview renders of the whole thing. Here they are:



These videos are compressed, but I will post a final render of a little higher quality when I’m done. I still need to make the crate for the little guy to bust out of, and that will be all for this little animation.

Here are the fur settings:


I used a brown cloud texture instead of a solid color. Also there’s a separate set of particle with slightly different settings and a slightly darker color. Thanks again for the reply.

Here’s the final image:


and here’s the final video (w/o sound–still debating whether or not to add any)


Feel free to comment or crit.

downloading that last vid now…
Nice! Some really smooth animation. One crit, the facial expressions are pretty bland. (Im not trying to be rude so please dont take it that way) One part is that his eyebrows dont move. The smile and blink are done well, but since his eyes never look around, and te eybrows stay static, it takes away a lot of the life of a character.
If you check out my WIP Ive posted a short bit of lipsync(I had an old one, with a human, but its done now) thats done with a robot, but if you look, eye/eyebrow movements and body sync(using body movement to back up words, and really tell the characters personalty) help to sell the words(however bland the words are) and just make it more interesting to watch.
Sorry, ranting here, Youve got a great start here, definately good animation skills. And the fur thing is really good. id never thought of using halos…May have to steal that technique ;). Keep it up man, this character could make a great short.
Peace man

Thanks free_ality. I noticed that he didnt have much facial movement after I rendered the final video. That’s usually my first concern with characters, but with this one I was more concerned with the fur and I completely forgot about adding eyebrow and eye movements, partly because this really wasn’t going to be a big project. It took 24 hrs to render it big to put on DVD for my mom, so I’m probably not going to fix it anytime soon. Thanks again, though.

Whoa. Yeah, I guess AO taks a while to render. Well, great job man

Great hair. Your hair looks nice and smooth. When I tried it looked like a bog-brush (see pic).

Dude, the man needs a 'Fro! (just joking!). It looks cool though.

That toy reminds me of those ‘Boggle’ toys they had in the UK. They were rubber monster puppets that came in cages.


Thanks for the replies.

Tea_Monster- Are you using halos for your material? If you are increase the hardness and decrease the alpha a little.