Furnished house

As you can see, its a house:rolleyes:

So far all i have in there is a bar and almost finished pool table. trying not to put too much detail into it, seeing as this thing already makes my laptop run slow.

i dont really like the stair design too much, so any tips on where i should put the stairs and how they are designed would be cool.

bottom right corner room is going to be a home theater, thats why there are no windows and the walls are thicker.

have any ideas on what i should throw into the rooms let me know, i have a lot of space to fill up :smiley:


did you use the boolean operation for the windows?

no just did a couple of edge loops around the whole house and deleted some faces, after that just move the edges where you want the windows

quick update and i need some help…


sorry about the big pictures, feeling lazy didnt feel like cropping them

anyways i need to figure out if i am going to put a window or doorway that has an arch in it, how can i put that in without messing up my mesh? will i just have to make a bunch of loops around the wall where the arch is placed?

looking good bro :slight_smile: i didnt know you could use blender to make a house like that, looks like you set you mesh up very nicely,

i wish i was a vett to blender but im not, being so new i cannot offer advice to solve your door problem. But id say you should save your file and just try your first thoughts. If it comes out with problems post what happend here and we will do our best to help you fix it :slight_smile:

keep those screen shots coming i cant wait to see what it looks like fully furnished :slight_smile:

… ps is this for a sims type game? the layout reminded me of a Sim xbox game :slight_smile:

got some ideas for you, check out the attachments
overall, it really looks like a sim house :wink:
add some furniture like sofas, tv’s, cinema seats maybe?!
keep on!


thanks for that wire on the door, its perfect! :smiley:

but yea its going to take me quite some time to get all the furnishings done since i am only working on this during some spare time at work. i dont have a home computer anymore :frowning:

as for that spiral staircase… how did you do that?

I think the doors should go up to the celling (unless you like high cellings), and I think there are different ways of making windows instead of loop cutting. I made a building optamized for the game engine (Extremely low poly).
Heres the link to it: http://cowman.weebeastie.net/pub/House%20Elevation.blend

I started with a cube, scaled it like a step
then add an empty in the center of the stairway (where the pole is)
add an array modifier to the step with the empty as object offset
move the step around and fiddle with the right rotation for the empty
set the amount of steps you want and adjust the right offset
then you can add the other parts you want

that’s just a quick way to do it, you can also use the “spin dub” function in the edit buttons

A slick and very easy way of making walls with openings for windows and doors is with curgves.

One cool feature of bezier circles is that one (or any number) inside another will make a hole.

Add a bezier circle, then in edit mode with all the control points selected, hit “v” and the circle will become a square, then hit “h” and the control handles will change mode and be easier to use to align the edges when you move them around.

Move the vertices around to make the curve the size/shape of your wall, then add another curve to be a door or window and hit v and h, then scale it to the size you want. The sceond curve will be a hole in the first. If you want an arched doorway, for instance, select only the sharp corners bevore you hit v and leave the others in rounded mode- then adjust the rounded control points bezier handles to make it the shape you want.

When you tab to edit mode you can then give the wall thickness by increasing the ‘extrude depth’.

One thing to remember is to leave the curve as 2D and position it in object mode. If you make it 3D it will no longer appear as a surface.

It takes a little figuring out and getting used to, but it is very quick and easy for doing walls with openings.

cow man: actually yea my ceilings are 9’ high so it would look odd if the doors went all the way up. and nice floorplan and model on that house by the way

chop suey: thanks a lot for that, ive been needing that for a while now :smiley:

ill have an update a little later today with a lot more added

alright i finally got those update pictures, just got busy at work…

this thing is really starting to slow down my laptop haha