Furniture model+render test [UPDATED] with particle carpet

Hi all,

i’m really new to Blender, so i decided to try modeling and rendering some furniture stuff to improve my skills with it.

I know uv’s, models and textures are not high quality, it’s a speed test just for practicing with Blend+Cycles and some post production with the compositor, no other software used at all.

C&C welcome :wink:

Ciao, marcoG.

UPDATED with particle carpet, quite heavy, i think about 60 millions polys (5’000 polys base mesh scattered 12’000 times)

1000 passes, 15 minutes with CUDA.

Well, I guess this thread owns to Finished Projects forum, but I like a lot the materials you produced, most of all the couch’ one.
Bravo Marco! :slight_smile:

Hey thanks mate! :wink: But i’d like to post some more elaborated works in “finished projects” forum…maybe if i’ll add something more and adjust maps, uv’s ecc…



By the way…i think a little pass of AO would help the scene, above all the transition from wood parquet and wall behind…do you know how to get the .py file addon with it? Or should I download a completely new Blender version from graphicall…?

Can’t help you here, sorry.
I just heard that AO was added some days ago in SVN, but never had a chance to check it out so far.

Aww well ok, i think i will wait for an official release, with Bmesh too O__O can’t wait

Cheers, marcoG

Yep, tha AO is not an addon, but is already in trunk, so it will be in the next release (but you can play with it if you please, grabbing a build from graphicall)

btw, fun of us writing english from the “stivale” :wink:

Anche tu!? :smiley: Non pensavo…bè cmq si penso che parlare inglese anche tra noi sia necessario per non creare incomprensioni o fastidi ai non italiani :wink:

Ad ogni modo, quando sarò in difficoltà con Blender aspettati un mess in pvt, visto che sei un utente navigato :smiley:



edit: update, see first post

it’s really cool how Cycles handled it, 1000 passes in 15 minutes for those kind of massive geometry…hell yea

New carpet, about 20 mins, 1000 passes, 1920x1080 res.

Hi, fits better in coposition, maybe shorter hairs. Looks like “Flokati Carpet” from the 70`s, or is it modern again? :slight_smile:
The abrupt junction between wall and floor is a bit unlikely.
Very nice picture.

Cheers, mib.

Hey mib, thanks for comments and advices, you’re right, the junction is weird, maybe a AO pass would help, but i don’t have a Blender build with it.

The carpet has of course 70’s mood, as well as the kind of green, lilac and yellow I used. Of course I should change a lot of details, and maybe the whole armchair model, before posting something finished and polished.


Cheers, marcoG

May a simple baseboard do it, if I can`t do something perfectly I hide it.
No don´t change it, it´s a good mood.


Yep I won’t change the mood, but the armchair is done in 10 minutes, needs refinements, cushions too, so…still improving of course, background texture needs some texture painting next to the floor…

Actually, this scene is not meant as a work in progress towards a perfect high quality still image (that’s the reason of not posting in WIP), i made it just for testing materials, lights, modeling, particles, render times ecc…

I’m trying to understand if the combo Blender+Cycles with no other software at all could fit real jobs requests, requirements and timing. For now it does :slight_smile: