Furry teddy bear [no particles]

I started today a new experimental project making “furry” objects without particles. This is as was as I got today while watching “Die Hard 2”. Hehehee.

The teddy bear is UV mapped [very messy still] on color and bump channel + some lense effects. That’s all.

the idea is to create woolen look on the material, not necessarily “furry” look of most teddy bears.

Initial version and second and slightly improved render.


Yafray rendered, isn’t it?

Thats a cool effect, daredemo. HOW?

PS: Tynach, doesn’t look like a Yafray to me? Unless he is trying to disguise it by copying the standard default Blender background?

Yes, it is yafray

yafray also has a blue backround…

The “Fur,” is just grain from DoF. Turn DoF off and there’s no more fur!

ingenious approach, but it is very much faked. Try turning the AA samples up to 20 x 20, or 15x 15. Then you willl se it smooth.

Actually, just 5 x 5 will smooth this, because it’s so small of an effect.

I knew it from the start, but I had to make sure it was really Yafray. If it wasn’t, I would have no clue on what it is.

Minor updates to the teddy bear :smiley:

“I’m a teddy bear, you can be a teddy bear too…”


so how do you get that grain effect? And what is DoF? I can’t find it under the Yafray rendering settings.

look at the camera settimgs