Furry Woodland Creatures

(Atomike) #1

I’m looking to create some animals, and have tried a fur texture, but it looks like it was painted onto my mesh. How do you guys do fur?

(miffwhite) #2

your best bet would probably to use Ripstings ‘Fiber’ python script. Go to the python and plug-in forum and have a search for it-- it isn’t the easiest to use but if you play will it you should get some good results. But you have to install python to run it- www.python.org – I think version 2.1 (definately not the latest)

or – use the duplinverts option in the effects area and make the duplicated object a small mesh with a fur texture on it. – click the rot button to. – basically it won’t be easy

search and I’m sure you’ll find some stuff!

(kattkieru) #3

You may also want to try an external renderer. All of the renderman-compliant renderers are capable of rendering fur on surfaces IIRC. I think they use math to apply a bunch of textured bezier splines to a surface.

(Atomike) #4

Thank you, Ill try both ideas.

(sp) #5

If my memory serves me right isnt there a hair script somewhere out there? Or am I just confused.

(S68) #6