further tests for Pig Boy vs Kung Fu Guy.

I had to have a creative way for pig-boy to attack, since his arms are so small, so here is my test for his methane powered swooping attack. I figure he will make several swoops accompanied by hilarious sound effects that i will make with a balloon. I am still working on the crowd.

Nicely done, and I can almost seem to smell it as well %| X

LOL! i cant wait to see this animation, but shouldnt the gas particles be bigger? or maybe an IPO so they grow with time?

thanks guys. yes youre right on the particles, i turned down the hardness and the alpha a bit, and turned up the size slightly.

toxic anal attack very nasty stuff.
if i saw that i dont even think i would fight at all.
i would just give up

what is the basis of the fight?

also scince your other character looks a little like vanilla ice he could throw ice cream or ice cycles.

it could be called “toxic butt pig vs. the vanillia ice cream man”

also there are so many great fart sounds on the net, why make your own with a balloon.

i will keep checking progress, lookin good bro.

you could also have ice ice baby playing in the background, that would be funny. or that could be the music he walks out too, and the pig could walk out to something by the fat boys or heavy d. ah too funny